Mosaic Insurance Exchange Shopping Technology and Services

Mosaic Insurance Exchange offers competitive insurance enrollment solutions, including premium rate and benefit comparison tools, plan enrollment technology, call center and broker support and more. Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s technology platform is flexible and designed to meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. It is cloud-based for quicker time to market, managed support, and access from anywhere.

Rates and Benefit Comparison Tools

Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s web-based quoting tools provide users with the ability to generate and compare quotes for multiple benefit levels and health plans based on the unique information submitted. If applicable, the quoting tools can also reflect employer/employee contributions. Premium quotes are available on both a composite or list bill basis according to rules established by the health and dental plans.

Plan Enrollment Application Processing

Mosaic Insurance Exchange can receive and process paper and web-based enrollment applications using multiple methods of transmission. Hard copies, electronic signatures and voice signatures (through recorded lines) are all accepted. Health plan eligibility guidelines are strictly adhered to, and the underwriting and call center teams work collaboratively to manage missing information to facilitate enrollment within submission deadlines.

Call Center Solutions

Mosaic Insurance Exchange has a dedicated team with deep and scalable expertise to develop and operate integrated call, sales and billing administrative support centers in high-security environments.

When you choose Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s call center services, you’ll get a dedicated team that specializes in the unique aspects of your industry and business. Your designated team will be trained to answer all customer inquiries to facilitate and support enrollment and assist existing members in managing and maintaining their accounts with the goal of promoting positive member experiences.

We provide toll-free number hosting and self-service IVR (interactive voice response) functionality. The CTI (computer telephony integration) system enables click-to-dial and screen-pop. The call center leverages current capacity and provides flexibility during program roll-out and peak times.

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Broker Support Solutions

Mosaic Insurance Exchange has the skills and knowledge to manage broker credentialing, registration, commission management and payments. Mosaic Insurance Exchange is actively engaged in the broker community sponsoring and participating in broker education seminars, and managing the unique credentialing requirements of each health insurance plan we partner with.

With relationships with over 900 licensed brokers in Massachusetts, and support for more than 8,000 brokers, Mosaic Insurance Exchange has issued over 50,000 broker commission checks for the Massachusetts Health Connector program alone. The Commission Management system distributes commissions in accordance with agreed upon policies and procedures for broker commission payment.

Mosaic Insurance Exchange provides brokers with flexibility in selecting multiple avenues to conduct business based upon their own comfort level, including a dedicated customer service team and web-based tools and dashboards. 

Mosaic Insurance Exchange maintains an up-to-date contact database of brokers, which includes standard contact information, credentialing information, error and omissions insurance status, state licenses, client payment status and account management services.