About Us

The Small Business Service Bureau, Inc. (SBSB) is a national organization serving the small business community, including family businesses, home-based businesses, small companies, military veterans turned entrepreneurs, and the self-employed.

SBSB offers an Insurance Marketplace to assist small employers and their employees in finding the best insurance plan, at the best price, as required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Our employee benefit exchange solution combines customer-centric sales, administration and support services for individuals, small and large employers, employees, and brokers.

The SBSB Insurance Marketplace is the oldest and most experienced private, full service employee benefit exchange in New England. Since 1967 we have designed, implemented and operated personal and on-line shopping experiences in high security environments for health, dental, and life insurance companies, both locally and nationally.

We have applied our experience and best practices to offer an employee benefit exchange including online and call center enrollment support, easy renewal options, account management, on-line premium billing and payment, and simplified administration. SBSB’s Insurance Marketplace combines the best of today’s technology solutions with a strong customer service approach and a tradition of high quality service.

Annual SBSB membership dues

Companies with 1-4 full time employees.... $85

Companies with 5 or more full time employees.... $125

SBSB Health Phone Number..... 1-800-472-7199

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