Mosaic Insurance Exchange Customer Service Overview

Mosaic Insurance Exchange recognizes the enormous complexity of purchasing health insurance. It is with this understanding that we place an emphasis on accurate, thorough communication with each customer to address their individualized needs.

With a proven track record of implementing both private and public sector health care solutions, Mosaic Insurance Exchange can develop and operate integrated inbound and outbound call and sales support centers that are customer-centric and staffed with knowledgeable representatives skilled in working with multiple clients, including individuals, employers, employees and brokers.

All efforts are made to ensure interactions and transactions are as easy and efficient as possible through continued efforts by our support teams, both with our toll-free customer service line and via online tools. Inquiries, including complaints, are responded to within 24 hours during normal business hours.

Mosaic Insurance Exchange designs and produces materials for individuals and small groups purchasing health and dental insurance benefits, and offers information supplemented by a bilingual customer service staff and a language interpretation line. This information covers plan-specific features, benefits and eligibility and enrollment guidelines.

Call Center Services

Mosaic Insurance Exchange’s number one priority is delivery of quality service to all customers. All representatives are extensively trained in compliance, product and benefit knowledge, telephone etiquette and health care reform trends.

These highly skilled call center experts answer inquiries and assist members with a variety of account-related requests. Additional call center teams in Massachusetts, California and Minnesota are available to provide overflow capacity when needed, and teams are cross-trained to allow for easy access and routing of phone calls. On-site staff speaks English and Spanish, and the language interpretation line is available for additional language interpretations.

Our full-time customer service training department has both an internal and external focus. Training includes, but is not limited to, team-based sessions, lectures and role playing. Most representatives have achieved health insurance licensure thus ensuring the highest degree of competency is achieved.

Account Management

A specialized, dedicated team will answer all customer inquiries to facilitate enrollment and assist members in maintaining their accounts.

Mosaic Insurance Exchange employs a Member Advocate to assist customers with complex issues and to work with legal and regulatory agents on more detailed inquiries.

Customer service representatives work with both employers and employees to resolve issues with enrollment forms, including missing information management and premium payment. The self-service web-based enrollment system allows prospects and customers to have on-demand access.

Census Management

Mosaic Insurance Exchange utilizes a predefined template to populate the census and a secure process for electronic transfer of census files via secure FTP or a secure Web form on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as required. The Mosaic Insurance Exchange information systems use industry-standard database software and apply best practices in terms of data fields, field data types and field coding.

For security purposes, census files are only sent outbound as required to report current enrollments to the respective health insurance carriers. This census data is sent by Mosaic Insurance Exchange only to the appropriate health insurance carrier as part of the carrier-defined EDI file transmissions necessary to update their systems.

Renewal Support

Using both online and call center tools, individuals, employers, or their brokers can review their coverage options and shop based upon premium and other health plan-related factors. All renewal plan information is available on the website including summary of benefit and coverage documents (SBCs) and enrollment material.

Any authorized company representative or their broker can view changes to enrollment data and can check on their coverage and premium payment status online. Additionally, customer service representatives are available to assist with any changes or questions that come up during the shopping or renewal process. 

Mosaic Insurance Exchange has been at the forefront of designing controls to ensure accuracy of both census data and premium rate calculations so the accurate premium is billed and collected at a group’s anniversary.