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Take Action

SBSB works hard to advocate for small businesses, and encourages our members to do so too! By communicating the views of small business to members of Congress and State Legislators through direct contact and the media, you can make a difference. Elected officials want to hear from you, and they do listen.

SBSB joins with members to advocate for the small business community. How can you help? Get involved in the legislative process through direct contact with legislators at the state and federal levels, as well as through the media.

Contact Your Legislator

SBSB encourages members to contact elected officials, and use their voice to help legislators do their job.

Contact the Media

Become an advocate for yourself, your business, and the small business community by contacting and/or speaking to the media.

“Legislation and government regulations can put you out of business faster than the competition.”

Francis R. Carroll, Founder, Small Business Service Bureau, Inc.
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