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SBSB Profit Plus Series

SBSB’s Profit Plus Series provides you with specialized knowledge to grow your business or start a new business. These publications give you the foundation you need to help you increase your profit and grow or start a new business successfully.

The Business Plan

Get essential business planning strategies from the small business experts.

How to Buy or Sell a Business

Includes important information on how to determine what a business is worth.

Cash Flow Management

Generating enough income to meet obligations can be more difficult than it sounds. Here, you will learn from the pros.

Marketing Strategies

Learn proven techniques to market your products and services.


Evaluate the pros and cons before you buy so you can be prepared to operate this very special type of small business.

Profitable Pricing

Know if you are charging too much… or too little

Home-Based Business Planning

Navigate the special challenges home-based businesses face.

The SBA Loan

An invaluable, step-by-step guide for any business preparing to seek financing.

Corporate Survival Guide

A guide to what to consider after incorporation, and on an ongoing basis!

Starting Your Business: Legal Considerations

Navigate the day-to-day details of starting a business.

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