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Money-Saving Discount Programs

Remain competitive with discounts and reduced rates on products and services your small business operation uses every day. Not a member? Join now.

Why pay more for the products and services you use each day?

Small Business Service Bureau, Inc. (SBSB) offers dues-paying members access to a wide range of discount programs. To take advantage of any of these money-saving opportunities, just call the SBSB Member Center Toll-Free at 800-343-0939. Please have your Member ID# on hand when you call.

Dell Computer Purchase Program

SBSB members save 10%, 20%, 30% or more on selected Dell products!


EyeBenefits Vision Discount Program

Volume Discount Vision Program (VDVP)
20-30% off eye exams, frames & lenses
2,500 independent optometrists nationwide

Expanded Vision Discount Program (EDVP)
20-55% off
12,000 locations nationwide
LASIK Surgery
Discounted annual membership $16 single/$24 family (regularly $45 family)


Penny-Wise Office Products Discount Program

SBSB's group contract gives you total savings of up to 80% off the suggested list price.


Credit Card Processing

Eligible SBSB members can get specially negotiated members-only wholesale MasterCard and Visa processing rates and fees—making credit card acceptance an affordable option.


Employee Screening Services

SBSB members receive up to 25% off Castle Branch employee and tenant screening services:

  • background checks
  • drug testing
  • skills testing
  • and more

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