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Local and national legislators need to understand what it is like to run a small business, and how proposed legislation can hurt or help small businesses. Stay up to date on legislation, regulatory issues, and court decisions that affect your small business with SBSB. Then, take the next step to protect your business, contact your lawmaker, and let them know what you need.

SBSB Informs

Legislative Issues

SBSB focuses our efforts on health care, taxes, the economy, and energy—the issues identified by small businesses. We also work hard to keep you informed on the wide variety of issues that are important to the survival of your small business.

SBSB Bulletin

Bimonthly members receive our newsletter, featuring carefully researched stories that address the small business side of hot issues. Plus, every issue includes the results of the Vote Your Ballot! poll, as well as comments. View Sample

Legislative Alerts

SBSB alerts our members to recent changes in legislation, rules, and regulations that affect small business.View Sample


SBSB Listens

SBSB Hot Issue Poll

Important issues can pop up at anytime. SBSB keeps you informed on the current issues facing small business, and wants to know what you think. A new question is raised every month, check often and make your voice heard!

Share Your Story

Personal stories provide lawmakers with an account of real-life small business situations when they are considering legislation and how it will affect business.

Vote Your Ballot!

Every other month, you will receive a ballot and be asked to vote on issues that could directly affect your business. View Sample

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