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5 ways to avoid nanny tax problems

Do you remember "Nannygate"? Back when Bill Clinton was president, his nomination of corporate attorney Zoe Baird for U.S. Attorney General was derailed after it was revealed that she failed to pay the "nanny tax" for illegal aliens employed as household workers

Tax Tip of the Week

Is your business website customer friendly

You've launched a business website, but customers aren't flocking to purchase your online offerings. Why not? For some companies, tweaking an already inviting webpage may be sufficient. Other business websites may require a complete overhaul. If traffic to your homepage isn't trending upward, consider the following tried-and-true guidelines:

Business Tip of the Month

Tapping your retirement account early consider these factors

Ideally, you should try not to tap your 401(k) or IRA accounts before it's time to retire. But life happens. In certain situations, you may need to withdraw a portion of your nest egg while you're still working full time. Here are three scenarios where this may be the case — and possible alternatives to avoid tapping your retirement accounts too soon:

Financial Tip of the Month
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